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The New Testament Baptist Confession was the document that started it all.  Read for yourself the biblically based concerns of pastors and churches who want fidelity to God's Word to be preserved for the next generation of Bible believers.

Other articles and documents will follow, written by qualified and biblically minded writers, offering support to the positions of Scripture.

You can find our confessions, articles and other our documents in the documents section.


A Risen Savior

The Priesthood of All Believers

Two Ordinances: Believer's Baptism (by immersion) & The Lord's Table

The Seperation of Church & State

The Sole Authority of Scripture

The Autonomy of the Local Church with Regenerated Members

Have you grown using resources (music, literature, books, etc.) that were not Independent and Fundamental?

  • I almost always use resources that are exclusively from Fundamental Baptist sourses 2% (2%)
  • I almost always have to go beyond Fundamental Baptist sources to find resources that edify me 98% (98%)

We Are New Testament Baptists

Why We Exist

An analysis of the trends among certain religious groups led a band of pastors to fly a new flag.  It is, however, a new flag with very old colors.  We are committed to the preservation of the faith for the next generation.  We are conservative, traditional and autonomous.  Yet we understand the fact that the survival and the propagation of God's Word for the next generation is at stake.  Join us as we hold high the banner of the cross and reach out to those who have seen the light with us.

The Resources On This Site

Thank you for visiting newtestamentbaptists.com!  This site is centered around the New Testament Baptist Confession and its clarion call for churches to return back to the plumb line of God's Word (cf. Amos 7:7-8).  There are also numerous supporting documents that express deeper teaching on the matters that are touched on in the New Testament Baptist Confession.  We hope that you will be mindful that the Confession is not intended to be an exhaustive document, but rather a summary of the needs of Baptists today.  We would also love to hear from you if you would like to leave a comment on the articles and documents you are reading.  Return as often as you like and take the time to explore all of the documents as the list continues to grow.

New Testament Baptist Goals 

  • Exaltation of Christ

  • Doctrinal Uniformity

  • Preservation of Heritage

  • Defense of Soul Liberty

  • Exposition of Holy Scripture


Fundamental Baptists Suffer More From Sexual Predators Due to Poor Oversight

On average, Fundamental Baptist churches have more sexual abuse cases.  Why?  The answer, in part, is due to their covering for sexual abusers and relocating them to areas where their crimes are not known.  This permits the sexual perpetrator to "start over" and it allows them to begin the grooming process with fresh victims.  Fundamentalists owe it to their congregations to stop covering for predators and out turn them over to local law enforcement to be prosecuted and dealt with in the legal system.