About Us

New Testament Baptists are a band of churches who have answered the call of doctrinal fidelity.  Though we are not bound together in a conventional manner, we do seek other churches of similar and like faith to fellowship with.

New Testament Baptists abide by the single mandate that Scripture is supreme.  All of our faith and practices are based on the information gained from the reading and responsible interpretation of God's Word.  New Testament Baptists reject any ecclesiology that allows the personalities of men to eclipse the supremacy of God's Word.

New Testament Baptists hold firm to the defense of the Gospel when it is being assaulted or polluted by aberrant teachings that are not supported in God's Word.  We extend an invitation of fellowship to all churches and individual believers who desire to be in the company of those who treasure the Scriptures highly.

Many New Testament Baptists were formerly known as Independent Fundamental Baptists, but due to the unfortunate evolution of that movement, we steered away from it.  We do NOT desire to castigate our Independent Baptist brethren, but rather to admonish them to evaluate and self-diagnose their methodology by juxtaposition with Scripture and to permit the Bible to be their governing document.  It is likely that once that juxtaposition is made, the need for change will be realized.

We invite you to join us in our cause to preserve God-honoring doctrine.